Big Trouble In Paradise

Upon a long awaited trip to Thailand, I was traveling with my partner who was detained for not having a tourist visa prior to arrival in the Bangkok airport. He was forced to stay in the airport for 3 days as the next flight out of Bangkok was not departing until then. We were taken to the basement of the Bangkok airport to find the entire lower block of the airport was an extortion jail for foreigners. There were trafficking workers, people locked up on all sides of the large space of the airport and on top of it, many were innocent. Luckily my partner was privileged and was able to roam freely around the airport but with strict rule that me must be accompanied by a guard, whom he would pay for, to sleep, drink beer, have massages and eat pad thai with for the 3 days he waited for the Jet Star flight out of the mass. And no other airline would fly us back. Total extortion.

As for me, we were separated and I was shot out into the middle of Bangkok alone, knowing no Thai language and this is what I saw:

And this was me:

Good Things About Bangkok: I was grateful for Bangkok’s beautiful Wats and spent most of my time in them, they were safe and gave me a spiritual view on life. The sounds they made inside were tranquil and gave me the only sense of hope there could be in that city. And the taxis were fun too. Silks, and textiles were the best, the oriental peer was good for silver and my hotel was pretty bangin’ Bangkok. As for going out alone, it wasn’t in much of my solo itinerary but saw many white men with their “dates”. If you want to be pirate, go to Bangkok.

So much for fashion tranies and gorgeous models I was hoping to shoot, those fun elephant rides, beautiful honey moon esque beaches, and hill tribe craft I was really looking forward for. Instead, I saw future pirates, melted faces, burnt children on display for money and a lot of people following people. Word to future travelers: DO NOT FLY JET STAR INTERNATIONALLY. Maybe next time if I deiced to go back I’ll go directly to Pheuket, tourist central and make myself a real cheese ball, just to fit in. X

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