Gone Away to Anglesea, PUNU Style

I see how they really see me. April, 2011:

I’m putting the marker in the sand, Ive had ENOUGH!
The 5 year long trip through the deathly depths of wonderland:
There is still the existing, stationary bubble on the beach and all the blond bikinis have transformed in time to fat lard, internally confused and unknowingly racist towards my good friends yeah those ones, and my friends lived here for years, a citizen and a real worker what this globalized world feeds off of the ones that actually intellectually run the place.
The future generation the sexy generation youthful and encouraging full of natural humor and real life stories just reaching the surface, on a wild side.

This is my future now in this outback: religion vs skin tone, sex vs money, the living vs the dead walking, and how to avoid a tornado when your hands are full of the last groceries. i know you don’t understand me because maybe you have not been there. try harder and maybe it will happen to you, be yourself and be the best you can be Oprah style the femme way, but don’t come running to me scraping the bottom of my creative barrel when you are still attempting to avoid the corporate “creative” rape. that’s the curse of being young still. but I’d rather be 40 and young than 26 and rotten already.

An ode to my Punu Bumesi project: This shoot is dedicated to my first models Mari Maekawa & Sahalini Singh for this project whom I share the seas with as sirens from San Fran to Japan and back down under.

Shamari Face Mask Concept by BUMESI.

PUNU Bumei Project Page Coming soon.

PUNU Sea Shore Sirens

Knitted Garments & Photography by BUMESI

Models: Hannah Wood and Jia

Hair & Makeup: Michelle of Luminance Makeup and NADIRA

Shot in Anglesea, Victoria, Australia


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